Network Department

ITNA offers central services from its Data Centre through different routers, switches and firewalls. It has more than 40 servers providing network and customer services. The Data Centre centrally provides Internet services to all PCs connected in the network as the University is considered the largest in Internet consumption (50 Mbps) among the Sudanese universities. The servers at the Data Centre provide email services to staff members and host the University website, online registration system, academic results and student records system, library catalogue, human resources system and accounting system.
The Data Centre also hosts routers, core switches and backup servers for the Sudanese Research and Educational Network (SUDREN) and is considered a focal point for interconnecting the universities of Sudan.

The Network backbone at the central campus consists of fibre ring connecting the various faculties and department at the campus. Remote campuses are connected using VPNs, point-to-point wireless connections or SHDSL. Internet access for all campuses is provided through firewalls and proxy servers. Furthermore, the different. Departments are isolated from each other via VLANs. Open access WiFi hotspots are available to students and visitors in the various parts of the University.