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IT Services Timeline

2001- Beginning of establishment of fundamental foundations for connections and services.

2002- End of work in the network.

2003- Start of electronic services such as emails and electronic publishing.

2005- Development of electronic library.

2006- Beginning of electronic registration project.

2007-Development of fundamental foundations for connections and introduction of modern services such digital video conferencing with the help of ChineseHuawei.

2008- Beginning of electronic registration in six faculties.

2009- ElectronicRegistration for all students in the university network in all faculties of the University plus the development of electronic indexing for the library.

2010- Beginning of the development of the University website (digital content)

What is UofK IT Services

The Administration for Information Technology and Network was established by an administrative decree issued by the vice-chancellor of the University. According to this decree the Information Centre, Information Unit in the Principal office and the Administration of Information Network were all demolished and all their duties were transferred to the new administration.

Vision Our vision is to make the University of Khartoum a competitive modern university, through providing the highest quality information technology and e-services to its community.
Mission The Information Technology and Networks Administration (ITNA) aims at developing information technology and communication at the University of Khartoum . ITNA has the responsibilities of making the policies, programs and plans to develop ICT in the University.